Okinawa Northern Region Guide

Relish the Great Outdoors in a Nationally Designated Park
Enjoy Famous Scenic Sites and the Local Cuisine
Have Fun in the Forest and the Sea
Take a Side Trip to a Remote Island

Let's go to Yanbaru in Northern Okinawa!

The term "Yanbaru" (mountain areas) is the colloquial name of the whole region
that encompasses 12 municipalities,
including some remote islands in Northern Okinawa.
Nature with an abundance of greenery nurtured in a subtropical climate and
the crystal clear blue ocean are available for viewing.
A variety of excitement can be found in regional areas in terms of scenery, climate, life style, etc.,
which provide sensory experiences that simply cannot be experienced in city areas.
So let us take a look at the respective attractions featured in Yanbaru!

Relish the Great Outdoors
in a Nationally Designated Park

A repository of nature inhabited by rare species of
animals and plants.

Recommended Route

  • 1Hijiotaki Falls (Kunigami Village)

    A major water fall of the largest class on the main island of Okinawa! Facilities complete with trails and camp grounds.

  • Longevity (macrobiotic) diet
    (Ogimi Village)

    The recipes of dishes on the menu of the longevity diet are highly nutritious!

  • 2Gesashi Mangrove Forest
    (Higashi Village)

    Explore the magnificent mangrove
    forest on a canoe.

  • 3Kunigami Village Okinawa Rail Ecology Center (Kunigami Village)

    See the "Okinawa rail", which only runs in the forests of Yanbaru and also a national natural monument, at close proximity.

  • 4Taa-Taki Falls (Ogimi Village)

    Engage in a challenging experience of river trekking at the oasis in Yanbaru! Play in a dynamic manner while feeling the enticement of nature with your own skin.

  • 5Tsutsuji Eco Park (Higashi Village)

    Tsutsuji Eco Park is a natural park for experience-based learning.
    The premises also contain such facilities as bungalows and camper van camp grounds, which are popular with visitors that come as groups of friends and families.

Experience awe inspiring famous scenic sites
and mouth watering local delicacies:

Look out at the clear sky and transparent ocean
to experience the magnificence of nature.

Recommended Route

  • 6Matsuda Limestone Cave
    (Ginoza Village)

    This is a cavern that was formed over many years. Let us embark on a dynamic adventure in a cave with a total length of 200 meters.

  • 7Shinkaichi (Kin Town)

    The birthplace of Taco Rice, the classic delicacy of Okinawa! Very popular among local residents, as well as domestic and foreign tourists!

  • 8Manzamo (Onna Village)

    An exquisite scenic spot from which one can observe plants that are designated as natural monuments. Beautiful sunses can also be viewed.

  • Taimo Potato Sweets (Kin Town)

    Taimo potato sweets eaten at respective production sites offer an exceptional taste! These sweets are low in calories, which is wonderful news for the ladies.

  • 9Blue Cave (Onna Village)

    A mystical space where the sunlight reflects on the surface of water in brilliant blue. An enormously popular site for scuba diving and snorkeling.

  • Ginoza Burger (Ginoza Village)

    Local delicacy available only at this site. An original burger prepared using fresh ingredients.

A breathtaking and beautiful balance
created by blue and green

Wonderful strolls on nearby islands
and at popular tourist sites

Recommended Route

  • 10Yanbaru Tourist
    Information Center (Nago City)

    Located next to Roadside Station Kyoda. A full complement of multi-lingual pamphlets are also available.

  • 11Iejima Beachside Horse Park
    (Ie Village)

    Get on a horse and go on a ride along the sea shore. Just relax, feeling comfortable wind...

  • 12Fukugi (Garcinia spicata)
    Boulevard (Motobu Town)

    Ride through the boulevard that features the good old Okinawa on a bicycle to reach the emerald green ocean that spreads before your eyes.

  • 13Busena Marine Park (Nago City)

    Underwater tours on glass bottom boats that have been modeled after whales. Look through the windows of the Underwater Observatory to see Nemo and other colorful fishes.

  • 14Okinawa Soba Noodles Avenue
    (Motobu Town)

    A zone packed with vendors of Okinawa soba noodles. There are approximately 80 establishments! You are sure to encounter a type of Okinawan soba noodle that suits you.

  • 15Waji (Ie Village)

    The sheer cliff with height of over 60 meters provides a panoramic sight! This is a site where natural energy can be felt on the skin. This is also famous source of water where there is a spring of water with superior quality.

Yanbaru Time for Relaxed Touring

Abundantly liberating healing space
for refreshing mind and body.

Recommended Route

  • 16Kourijima Island (Nakijin Village)

    A popular destination for both domestic and overseas visitors as a remote island that is accessible by car! Driving over the ocean while overlooking the exceptionally transparent sea is simply magnificent.

  • 17Arashiyama Observation Deck
    (Nago City)

    One of eight best picturesque sights in Okinawa. Magical landscape created by blue and green colorsforeign tourists!

  • 18World Heritage:
    Nakijin Castle Remains
    (Nakijin Village)

    Curve drawn by the castle wall that spans over a total length of 1.5 km is both ingenious in design and beautiful.

  • 19Umi Gitara (Izena Village)

    A site with an exquisite view, one of the best on the island, which faces the Futamigaura sea coast. Characteristic steeply towering rocks.

  • 20Izena Tamaudoun Tomb
    (Izena Village)

    This is an imperial
    mausoleum built during the Ryukyu Kingdom Period.

  • 21Nentohiramatsu Pine
    (Iheya Village)

    An old tree of historical
    interest, listed on the Japan's Top 100.

  • 22Iheya Island Yonezaki
    (Iheya Village)

    Bath in emerald green sea with great transparency along the beach!

Get Your Hands
on the Delicious Specialties
of Yanbaru!

  • Kunigami Village

    1"Karagi Tea" is made with cinnamon made in Japan. It warms you up from the very core of the body.

    2"Tezukuri Mama" serves as a tasty accompaniment to rice. Made with no preservatives.

  • Higashi Village

    "SUNRISE SWEET" is deliciously packed with pineapples grown with care in 180 different farms. It is a rare product supplied in limited numbers and available only at Higashi Village.

  • Ogimi Village

    Shikuwasa is a citrus from Okinawa that is good for beauty and effective for recovery from fatigue! A wonderfully broad range of products are available, including juices, salad dressings, and ponzu sauce.

  • Nakijin Village

    1Nakijin is known as the region where watermelons are
    harvested the earliest in
    Japan—these watermelons are exceptionally fresh.

    2An all-purpose salad dressing made with no additives and an abundant amount of vegetables and fruits.

  • Motobu Village

    "Katsuomeshi" (bonito rice) is the pride of the harbor town, where bonito fishing is popular. There are also many other special products that represent Okinawa, such as acerola, brown sugar and salt!

  • Nago City

    1Enjoy these piping hot, freshly fried tempura as a snack.

    2Pure, unprocessed brown sugar gets people hooked with just the right amount of sweetness.
    The illustration depicting a grandfather in Okinawa is very popular.

  • Ginoza Village

    1These desserts are made using strawberries produced in Ginoza, characterized by its exceptional sweetness.

    2Umibudo sea grapes (right), with its habit forming lumpy and crispy texture, are a delicacy from the sea. The mozuku seaweeds (left) are rich in fucoidan, which is good for your skin.

  • Kin Town

    Taco rice is a well-known specialty of Okinawa. The most common way of eating it is to top the minced meat with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. While you’re at it, have a taste of the taco rice flavored rice crackers available at tourist sites.

  • Onna Village

    1These handmade fruit jams draw out the full flavor of fruits that are entirely made in Okinawa.

    2Sea urchin sauce with a creamy and smooth texture.

  • Ie Village

    1A combination of peanuts and brown sugar. Its aromatic flavor and crispy texture will get you hooked.

    2Ie rum with its characteristic sophisticated aroma is prepared using juice squeezed out of sugar cane produced on Ie Island.

  • Iheya Village

    1Sea lettuce, a type of seaweed that is abundant in dietary fiber, is compressed and packaged right after harvesting.

    2Rice crackers made with seafood caught in the coastal waters around the island. It provides an abundant supply of calcium and is a great accompaniment to alcohol.

  • Izena Village

    1"Awamori" is a local Okinawan brew.

    2Castella cake is a popular Japanese confection.